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Trofimov Andrey Petroviсh

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Trading House “UZTT” Yekaterinburg offers a full range of services:

ASC  “Energy equipment service” is a partner of Trading House “UZTT”. The company offers the following services for the diagnostic and repair of power transformers:

  • departure of experts for measuring of  transformer rating and its disassembly

    Competency certificate


  • transformer  diagnostic (inspection, oil analysis, trouble-shooting)
  • drying and oil scavenging (drying of active part, embedding of magnetic conductor and winding, tank repair, heater repair, substitution for sealing material, painting, test)
  • minor and mid-life repair (winding repair, switching device repair, repair of high-voltage and low-voltage inputs)
  • complete overhaul of transformer (rewind, substitution for winding, tank repair, heater repair, substitution for  switching device, substitution for  high-voltage and low-voltage inputs

 All repair jobs of equipment carry out in accordance to requirements of regulatory acts.

To solve assigned task in company ASC  “Energy equipment service” there are  a great experience and necessary knowledge of  skilled personnel. Availability of job-dedicated machinery makes it possible to carry out repairs of  power transformers (different complexity) and also to satisfy the client’s requirements with a minimum term.

 To order the repair of transformer:

  • +7 (343) 342-21-21
  • +7 912 25 25 679

 Please use the order form provided below.


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Shipping your goods on time and with minimal costs! 


Our partner is Ltd. “Logistic Euro Trans” – dynamic developing trucking company that  is significant and influential member of Russian market of logistic service, it carries out shipping your goods.

Ltd. “Logistic Euro Trans” organizes interurban service by motor traffic. Ltd. “Logistic Euro Trans” seeks to ensure reliability, stability, care of client’s goods, efficient work. High professional competence of our staff is a guarantee of this.

“Logistic Euro Trans” has a wide practical experience in interurban motor traffic service and will organize transportation of your goods to any Russian region that you need.

 Ltd. “Logistic Euro Trans” provides:
  • operative  rate calculation;
  • free individual consultation for clients;
  • short term of transportation;
  • provision of full information about condition of the goods in transit;
  • execution of railway bill of lading and container order on the station;
  • payment of railway rates, guard from Ministry of Railroads, all station collecting and etc.;
  • container delivery by vehicle to the customer storage;
  • container loading on the platform and sending off  stop station;
  • payment for  ocean freight.
 Back up services:
  • freight forwarding
  • cargo handling
  • cargo insurance
  • sealing
  • container tracking (in accordance with your desire)
 You can get detailed information on all your questions by sending us an e-mail or call the contact number:
  • 8 (912) 240-35-12, 8 (922) 136-24-05
  • e-mail:
  Our ICQ-consultants are always ready to answer all your questions:
  • 579001729
  • 553268787
  • 562817790 
  We will be glad to answer all your questions about shipment organization and we are ready to discuss tariffs and rates according to your wishes!


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Reliable building for durable business 

Fast raising constructions are produced by Ltd. “Angar Srtoy Service “ ,it is the unique technology that makes it possible to raise building from 2 weeks till month. The “Angar Srtoy Service “  metal wares are durable, light, stable and very reliable. The material that we use for their construction is high quality steel, which is not subject to corrosion and environmental factors. Steel buildings are used for different purposes, but no matter how you employ it, these buildings will be in use for years. Irrefutable advantages of “Angar Srtoy Service “constructions is low price.  Such price of frameless constructions is accounted for the fact that the frame is a half of the conventional building cost.


 We offer production, construction of fast raising buildings, which are traded on beneficial terms:

  • hangars and storehouses
  • aviation hangars, defense technology storehouses, barracks and accommodation for officers
  • buildings for agriculture, granaries, farmer (grain, fruits and vegetables storages,  refrigerators for keeping meat and birds, poultry farms, cowsheds, pigpens and etc.)
  • production facilities, workshops, garages, car washes, auto services
  • sport and rest (administrative buildings, schools, sports facilities, swimming pools, hospitals)
  • non-standard constructions (shopping centers, indoor and outdoor markets, demonstration and exhibition halls)
  • attic floors

To know the price, you can download the price - list.

 For frameless constructions ordering you can call:

  • +7 (343) 342-21-21 доб. 122,
  • +7 (912) 219-50-22 or

fill in an application which is located below

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 Dear customers, we offer a service for equipment coloring with original palette!

 At your request Trading House "UZTT" offers the service for individual purchased equipment coloring with the corporate color of your company. The staining may be in whole or in individual components in 1 - 2 colors.

 The following equipment is available for coloring:

  • KSO
  • Panels YAKNO
  • ShchO
  • Transformers
  • KTP

 For equipment coloring with original palette you need to indicate item of the company palette color in the questionnaire note.

 The example of coloring:

 At customer request kiosk-type KTP outdoor was painted with firm blue color


 You can get detailed information or order the original coloring +7(343)342 21 21 




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Trading House “UZTT” offers a service for “Trade IN”: to substitute old transformer for a new one on rebate under 50%

 What are your benefits?

  • You will simplify a selling of old equipment and substantially speed up a purchase of new one

To purchase a new equipment for the system Trade-in you need to apply to our company, managers will evaluate your equipment and sign an agreement Trade-in.

You can get detailed information about discount rate of your order 7(343)342 21 21 

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The main area of our activity is electrical equipment delivering for package transformer substation (KTP). All of our delivering equipment corresponds with State Standard of Russian Federation, it’s  accompanied by conformance and quality certificates.

We are always openhearted for new partners. There are the special prices for bulk buyers. Hope for long-term and effective cooperation.

Our products:

  • circuit breakers va
  • vacuum circuit breakers vv/tel, vbsk
  • load-breaking isolators vna, vnr, vnb
  • terminal clamps for transformers TM
  • insulators  io 6, io 10, ior 6, ipu
  • connections for safety devices pkt, pkn to 01, 02, 03
  • overvoltage limiter opn
  • workholders pt, pn for safety devices pkt, pkn
  • fuse links pn-2
  • safety devices pkn,pkt
  • drive mechanism pr 10
  • switching tubes rvo 6, rvo 10, rvn 0.5

  • disconnectors rlnd, rvz, re, rv, rvf, rvfz, rvo, rdz-35, rdz-110
  • chopper switches rs, rps
  • watthourmeter mercury ce 680z v
  • voltage transformers 3 nom, ntmi, nom 6 (10), nami
  • current transformers nol, tlk, znol, tol, nolp, tpl, tzlm
  • voltmeters/ ammeters e 8030
  • leak relay ru 127/220, ru 380, azur 1, 2, 3

“Elektromontazh” Ltd. guarantees you the best quality, reliability and qualify approach.


  • Tel.: +7 (343) 384 84 94
  • E-mail:
  • contact person: Elena Valerevna ICQ 430 582 701
  • working hours: Monday – Friday since 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Break: 12.30 – 13.30 

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Ltd. Trading House "The Ural Company for Transformer Technologies"



Yekaterinburg: 8(343)342-21-21
Chelyabinsk: 8(351)240-02-84
Saint-Petersburg: 8(812)600-36-31
Moscow: 8(495)661-31-01
Novosibirsk: 8(383)249-32-82

Find us: vktwfb

 Marketing and publicity department of Trading House "UZTT":

  • +7 (343)342 21 21(add 104);
  • +7 912 64 94 591;